Andullation is a new, non-pharmacological, completely painless and non-invasive method which can ease many complaints resulting from chronic illness using the Massage Mattress (9). The development of andullation technology is based on research data published by foreign universities and institutions (in the UK, China, Italy, Germany, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, the USA and Sweden) as well as Flemish universities (VUB, RUG, KUL) (1, 2, 4, 6, 18, 19, 22).

During 15 to 30 minutes massage sessions with andullation, patients experience both infrared heat and full mechanical bodily vibration, inducing biological resonance. Massage with andullation takes place with the lower limbs in the familiar, relaxing classical posture, relieving tension in the back (5, 12). Massage eases back complaints, something many of us have experienced (8, 10, 11, 14).

Since all current safety standards are complied with, the most stringent European and international regulatory agencies (3, 7, 9, 15, 17, 21) have judged that brief andullation sessions may also be carried out in the home. Vertical sinusoidal vibrations at 20 to 45 Hz have not been found to cause side effects either in experimental animals or patients (13, 15).

Data from 103500 patients receiving andullation (November 2011) in Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands and Belgium has confirmed the safety of the treatment and the effect of biological resonance (16).

Where a diagnosis of a chronic disorder (other of course than a malign condition) has been made and/or confirmed by a doctor, specialist or paramedic, as many as 84% of patients experience an easing of their symptoms due to application of a supplementary, regular and/or almost daily regime of total bodily vibration through andullation.

Doctors and therapists all around the world require their patients to take medication or undergo treatments regularly or repeatedly to keep symptoms of chronic disorders under control, and andullation is no different, it has to be used regularly or continuously. As with the many existing treatments, andullation will not remove the source of the complaint; it is not a cure, but it can help suppress the symptoms. It couldn't presently be otherwise, as the causes of many chronic conditions have not yet been established. Some may be the result of the normal process of ageing, others appear to be "genetic" in nature (20). This is why medication, injections and the like, and also andullation, need to be administered regularly over an extended period in order to ease the symptoms.

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